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The desk at Y3K was designed and built by Pat Foster and Jen Berean. A standard and neutralized white office desk with its table and drawer bottoms replaces with glass. The desk will change and evolve to the everyday situations of the gallery and we will document those interactions here.



are developing a solution for the gallery door at Y3K.

Re-thinking the door of 205 Young St, is a site specific intervention which addresses the use and functionality of an old orginal timber warehouse gate. A desire to retain the doors appearance from the exterior led to the three separate elements becoming fixed into one single panel, which forms the new opening.

By adapting the current door onto a central pivot mechanism, a new mode of operation emerges - a new movement which gives the street and the gallery an unexpected presence where the interior becomes part of the exterior. The door is now a wall, and the inside can be a part of the outside (the clean interior wall becomes the new edge to the street.). The solution provides, the existing discreet access through the hatch door, but also provides a new moderation between the exterior street and the interior gallery. A partial opening provides glimpses through the edges, a complete opening provides a clear opening for large crowds and events while a full rotation provides a surprising transformation for the street.

The door becomes an architectural device which allows Y3K to control the relationship the gallery has with public, where the visitor is either welcomed by a large opening, or where a more complex negotiaton is required to enter the space.

SPEECH and What Archive?

Y3K and What Archive?

Speech and What Archive?

Speech and What Archive?
A Constructed World (ACW) Paris based research project

This ACW research project will take place between Paris (FRA), Linköping (SWE), Melbourne (AUS), Milan (ITA), Singapore (SGP) New York and Los Angeles (USA).

Speech and What Archive? brings together experienced and emerging artists, curators, and art historians to make research and art works around what can be said and saved from a disorganised and confused present.

Participants will have access to institutional archives such as the CNEAI, Chatou, DOCVA, Milan, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux, and the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. While these archives are useful to understand diverse representations of history, what-we-can-say, what-is-saved and on-behalf-of-who is perhaps more the issue for artists, curators and contemporary art historians now. Personal, impulsive and idiosyncratic, archives have the potential to make something unacknowledged become visible, to bring what is said and valued in private into the public. We might also consider the internet, the vector of all possible archives, as a link between the institutional and collective histories and as a site for research and dissemination.

Outcomes from this project will include a workshop, exhibitions, events and publications. The weblogSpeech*, an existing site for contemporary art discourse, will host video interviews and commentary. Speech has been directed mainly towards making an account of what wouldn’t normally be reported in the popular media or art press yet is often heard in conversations outside of exhibitions, in cafes and lounge rooms. For this project Speech will move between contemporary art and speech in the wider sense of what is allowed and what cannot be said — or, as 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes calls it, ‘flow and constraint’. The processes of this project; art works, ideas, texts and material generated from the workshop and events will be collected into a print publication produced by a number of the participants.

The project will develop in a non-linear way with the opportunity to work collaboratively, in clusters, or individually using different research methodologies across geographies that can image different audiences and publics. Using the internet, video, speech, writing and openness to any media we look to move between the space of the expert and the institution and private longings and desires that may help us form a better picture and account of what we collectively want.

*SPEECH web magazine, founded by A Constructed World in 2005, includes reviews and commentary by experts and non-experts. See the following posts, and in particular reader’s comments, for the kinds of discussion often discouraged in the contemporary art press.
Lizzy Newman
Kain Picken and Pat Foster
How Free
Short ride in a fast machine

SPEECH and What Archive? WEBLOG

Y3K director James Deutsher is participating in the SPEECH and What Archive project and will facilitate research through Y3K Gallery. The gallery will also host an expo of the un-determined outcomes of this project in February 2009. 

Yes, Yes, Something, and ‘Another Day Another World’ Something A project by James Deutsher as part of SPEECH and What Archive?

Yes, Yes, Something, and ‘Another Day Another World’ Something seeks to examine the way relationships are developed with our personal and collective histories, and the way these histories inform and are re-interpreted in our present. I want to view archiving and our past present future as less linear and more integrated, renewable and cyclical, space where archives become part of and inform everyday life. Two new works will be researched and developed to form the structure of this project, Yes, y3s, Y3K and Another Day Another World.

Focusing on developing a new methodology for arts archiving working with the newly establish art-project-space Y3K in Melbourne the project Yes, y3s, Y3K will involve making video, interview, photographic and text to expand fresh attitudes for presentation and dissemination including printed matter for each exhibition and a web-site supporting video and browser feedback. These methodologies seek to look at projects and their documentation in a more intuitive way in collaboration with artists and audiences. I want to generate a space where the archiving of projects operates on an objective and subjective level, where these forms can sit side-by-side. I will be involved in research with CareOf archive in Milan, the Cneai and A Constructed World in Paris and the web-blog SPEECH to investigate and aid the development of these methodologies. I will develop a new body of work through negotiated collaboration with artists participating in the gallery program over a 6 month period, this inclusive and responsive approach to practice is described by Y3K co-director Christopher L.G. Hill, where ‘within less direct collaboration…sometimes there are direct or accidental influences and sometimes the involvement is in the form of social interaction outside of the realm of art making’.

Another Day Another World aims to expand personal history into wider global events and issues through the production of one ‘world image’ every day over a 6month period using the basic form of a map of the world. This body of work will be visually and materially loose using sculptural and other media to assemble collections of objects and texts and develop a language of flow and daily documentation of their own logic, like sketches of the everyday based around the form of the wider world. The world map acts like a void, or just slightly more form than an image of deep space, onto which political and geographic divisions have been layered for personal and collective means. Talking about Marcel Broodthaers' Carte Du Monde Utopique, a work that is a standard political map of the world with only the title altered, Thomas McEvilley sees "… the world of political divisions become(ing) an arbitrary, artificial overlay on a material reality that lacks it."  By mapping each day it is taking a constant screen grab, instead of an eternal refresh. It is addressing the specific subjective material reality of my every day and acting like a sponge (bob). A way of recognizing the things that aren't going to slip and also what doesn't register, a reflection on my capacity or interest to want to hold onto or articulate these things on any given day. I will be in production of Another Day Another World during my research and development at Y3K gallery Melbourne, and my time with the Cneai and CareOf archive in Paris and Milan.

These two bodies of work will be shown in collaboration with the ‘SPEECH and What Archive?’ research project in two exhibition projects at CareOf in Milan, and Y3K in Melbourne between December 2009 and February 2010. The archive methodology developed at Y3K Gallery will be disseminated through published matter in conjunction with their gallery program, a web site and as yet unknown formats. The research component of this project is supported by SPEECH and What Archive? hosted by A Constructed world. I will be working and visiting with Y3K gallery in Melbourne, the Cneai and A Constructed World in Paris and CareOf in Milan to undertake independent and collaborative research and development for these outcomes.

I plan to use the Y3K PROJECTS WEBLOG as an ongoing forum for this research.

James Duetsher

(images from Everythin Wannabe, James Deutsher, UPLANDS GALLERY)